A series of videos, and a video game about 10 common noise hazards we face in our everyday lives. We highlight how you can partake in these activities safely while protecting your hearing. Learn to appreciate the work that our ears do, and to not abuse the privilege of sound.


Noise Hazards: Fireworks
Happy 4th of July ! Watch our video to learn how to show your ears some love and pride this Independence Day!
Noise Hazards: Outdoor Garage Tools
Join “influencer” Stanley as he helps out community members who are using LOUD garage tools without hearing protection!
Noise Hazards: Kitchen Appliances
“You’re gonna find yourself going “hUh?” in every restaurant sooner or later!”
-Salesman Steven

Discover the noise hazards lurking in your kitchen by watching the video!
Noise Hazards: Headphones and Earbuds
Noise Hazards: Join Steven as he demonstrates the PERMANENT damage headphones and earbuds can do to your hearing if you listen to LOUD music!
Noise Hazards: Vehicles
Loud vehicles are safe without protection…right? (spoiler: they’re not!) Join an exasperated voice actor who grows weary of the simple solution to hearing protection hiding behind layers of disclaimers.
Noise Hazards: Music in Vehicles
Little Timmy has BIG plans to have as much fun as possible, but what he thinks may surprise you. Join him in his adventure and see how it relates to hearing loss via loud music🎶in vehicles🚗!
Noise Hazards: Parties
Here on 3TB News Network, our hosts return from a long night of loud partying. Witness the events unfold when they interview a troubled alien.
Noise Hazards: Sporting Events
“What a shot!!!” Witness the story of FC 3 Tiny Bones and see the impact that stadium noise can have on your hearing, as well as how to safely experience the spectacle of sports!
Noise Hazards: Schools
Although a bit rusty, Steven and Stanley are back at it again with a school presentation…only this time, the presentation takes control of them. Watch the video to see how they do!
Noise Hazards: Power Tools
For the finale of the Noise Hazards campaign, we follow the story of two beings who observe and worry for humankind’s hearing health over hundreds of millennia when they develop power tools!