Our Team

Meet our amazing team of volunteers!
Yaduraj Choudhary

Founder & President

Hello, I’m Yaduraj! Throughout my journey with hearing loss—a diagnosis in both ears, four surgeries, and a hearing aid—I’ve always been thinking about how to help those with hearing disabilities. My passion led me to create 3 Tiny Bones, where I aim to destigmatize hearing loss, bring hearing loss education into the mainstream, and help prevent hearing loss in youth and future generations. I enjoy reading, learning anything new, playing outside with friends, spending time with my family, and cheering for all Philadelphia sports teams!

Steven Wang

Media and Film

Steven here. I’m a filmmaker at heart, and the story I’m here to tell is the one of hearing loss. I hope to educate the public about its causes, experiences, and impacts. My passions include learning new skills, playing tabletop games, and kayaking (you might even find me paddling around Marsh Creek in the summer!)

Tejasvi Pathipati

Outreach & Social Media

Hey! My name is Tejasvi Pathipati! Some things I like to do are play piano, run outside, and read! I aim to help kids with hearing disabilities by creating an inclusive community, educating the public about safe hearing habits, and reaching out to underprivileged families and setting them up with sufficient tools for hearing! My passion to help others led me to be a part of the core team at 3 Tiny Bones!

Ryan Merrick

Marketing & Social Media

Hi, my name is Ryan Merrick! I am a competitive lacrosse player and a surprisingly talented poker player (I always have a pair of aces up my sleeve). I am passionate about helping those with hearing disabilities and am extremely glad to be part of 3 Tiny Bones.

Stanley Wang

Art and Design

Good day, I’m Stanley. I greatly enjoy animating and doing art things, and am proud of my current work. I wish to bring an entertaining aspect to the learning experience of hearing loss in a way that I can call my own. Even though I have my own minor hearing disability (unilateral hearing), that doesn’t stop me from enjoying what I like the most–gaming!

Natalie Maxino

Art and Design

Hey there, my name is Natalie! I have always had a love for art and am thrilled to have the opportunity to apply my interests to an impactful organization in 3 Tiny Bones. I am looking forward to learning more about hearing and hearing loss so I can help share this knowledge with others!

Soham Katdare


Hi, my name is Soham Katdare! I love technology, being a member of VEX robotics and an avid programmer. My hobbies include swimming, playing video games (some of my favorites include Pokémon and Halo), playing basketball, and reading about science. I am excited to help 3 Tiny Bones teach the world more about the intriguing tech behind hearing aids!

Saptak Das


Hello, my name is Saptak Das! I love tech in all its shapes and forms, especially emerging giants such as Machine Learning and Nanotechnology. I am an ardent programmer fluent in several languages including Python, Java, Swift, SQL, JS, and more. I am also very interested in modular origami and fascinated by the mathematical intricacies of the designs. My hobbies include programming, modular origami, biking, and CAD. I am very excited to contribute my skills in our organization’s technical aspects!

Dylan Sward


Hi, I’m Dylan Sward! I like doing anything technology-based, whether it is coding, playing games, or making them. I also enjoy reading and playing outside. I’m excited to be a part of 3 Tiny Bones to help people learn about hearing loss and help those who have it!

Blessing Fonge


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Ashley Theisen


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Bernadette Batuncang

Outreach & Education

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